Wednesday, 25 September 2013

New Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters Movie Stills and Graphics

Again over the last few days @VAOfficialMovie on Twitter the Official movie page has been revealing more stills and graphics that have made the fandom go wild. 

We Finally go out look at Dimitri's Character Graphic.  

We also got our First look at the Jesse Zeklos played by very handsome Ashley Charles 

They also revealed Information about oh so deadly Strigoi  

And last but certainly not least we got our very first Still of Rose and Dimitri Training which might I add looks amazing and pretty much like how I imagined it. 


If you didn't know already Rose is being played by Zoey Deutch and Dimitri is being played by the Russian God Danila Kozlovsky

I am loving all the new stuff we are getting cannot wait to see it in the movies. 

How about you?

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