Thursday, 28 February 2013

Book Review : Shadows by Amy Meredith

Synopsis: Fifteen-year-old Eve Evergold is cute, sassy and enjoying a busy social life. What she doesn't know yet is that someone close to her is an evil demon that only she has the supernatural power to defeat. She needs to work out who it is - and fast! Because although there's something very attractive about the dark a demon? Pure hell!

My Review

This book....  what can i say... I did not like the way it was written, the sentences were too short, they are a few words that  it.  I did not like the characters, they were to bland and wrong.  I did not like the story line, sorry it was horrible. Maybe because i am 16 and this was aimed at younger teens, but it was just not written in a way i think a book should be written.

I Gave this book a 1 Star 

I am also doing the Eclectic Reader Challenge 2013, this books is in the categories of 6 Urban Fantasy. 

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