Thursday, 29 August 2013

Book Review: Bleeding Hearts (Book #4 Drake Chronicles) by Alyxandra Harvey

The Drakes and friends will be tested when an infestation of deadly vampires threatens Violet Hill.Lucy's cousin Christabel has come to live in Violet Hill, and adjusting to the difference between life in a small mountain town and her home in the city is difficult enough. The strict curfew that Lucy's parents enforce is the worst part. Something really dangerous couldn't possibly happen in this tiny town.
But Christabel has noticed some mysterious happenings, and it seems like Lucy, her boyfriend Nicholas and his brother Connor are all in on a secret that Christabel doesn't understand—one that seems deadly serious. Although she won't admit it, Christabel would love to be in on any secret with Connor Drake. But when she is kidnapped by the ruthless Hel-Blar vampires, Christabel must cause more and more trouble in Violet Hill, Lucy and Connor finally fill Christabel in on all the undead drama. Together, they must find a way to stamp out the Hel-Blar for good.

My Review

First i liked to say the cover of Bleeding Hearts looks amazing but then again i do love all the covers of the Drake Chronicles, they are all simply beautiful. Now to the Story. The one thing I like about the Drake Chronicles novels is that each book has different POV in them, and I was very happy that i was getting more Lucy POV as I adore her to the bone.  I also like that we get another of the Drake Brothers as one of the perspective as well, in this book it's Conner of the twins. and the last perspective that we get is Christabel, Lucy's cousin whom is new to Violet Hill . I love the way Alyxandra is able to capture all these different roles and characteristic and is able to write from their mind. I loved the Nick and Lucky moments, they are by far my favourite 2 since the first book, even if there was not as many as i wished. Conner, Conner, Conner, I just love him. I loved the interaction between him and Christable, just cute. The twist and turns though the whole book, made me not want to put the book down, it just made me want to keep on reading. I would be lying if i said I did not finish this book in a few hours, as I did. I loved how the characters build and build throughout the books and we get to see changes. I also liked Christable, she is a very interesting character, she is weak yet very strong. She is not the usual girl, I think that is why I liked her so much. I loved the action scenes, it would not be a Drake Chronicle Novel without some action and Lucy is badass and I love it. All I have is one problem... Solange, that is not Alyxandra's fault, she just pissed me off pretty much the whole book, and it made me want to punch her, maybe  that is why Alyxandra Harvey wanted us to feel, if she did, well then it worked for me. I love the way Alyxandra writes it is pretty captivating. overall I really liked. The ending wow! The ending did not expect that. 

So I give this book a 4 stars out of 5. 

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